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Quick-Start / Manuals in PDF for downloading:

Video-Encoder/Decoder Streamer - SoC DSP Versions:

4k-UHD-12G-Encoder-Streamer SHDE-4000 Quickstart

ADE-264 Quickstart

HDE-264/265 Quickstart

SDE-265 Quickstart

VDE-265 Quickstart-Addon

HDE-275 Quickstart 4kp30

HDE-276 Quickstart 4kp60 HDR

HDE-276 Encoder-4K60-HDR-Settings-Guide

HDE-275Q Quickstart 2x 4kp30 + 2x HD

Decoder-HDD-264 Quickstart

Decoder-HDD-275 Quickstart

Decoder-HDD-276 Quickstart

-----------------Useful hints: -----------------------

Download basics for all SoC-Encoder - tipps and tricks, Streaming protocols, ONVIF, ...

Download ONVIF-Device-Manager - Windows Software .msi ... 22MB

Howto: SoC Encoder-Decoder as a couple. Example: SDE-265 stream to HDD-275

Tipps and Tricks PDF:
Content: I-frames for Youtube settings, IPC-Camera conversion by HDDecoder WUXGA - firmware:
- How to set the optimal Keyframe frequency / I-Frame Interval (s) for YouTube & Facebook Live by our IP Video Encoder
- Decoder as Transcoder HDD-276 4Kp60: How to convert an IPC (Camera) RTSP to a RTMP Stream
- WUXGA 1920x1200@60fps and UXGA 1600x1200@60fps
- BLANKOM ONVIF Video Encoders are working together with Milestone VMS Software
- Special HTTP-Commands to remote control your Encoder w/o using the Webinterface

LINK Off-Topic Tricks and how to setup the SoC encoders for YouTube and other use cases: Extra Tipps and Tricks Page - Multiprotocol-Encoders

Transcoder IP - IP:

Transcoder BTR-6000 Quickstart