SMATV SAT-Headend Applications

Examples for Traditional and Optical Satellite Distribution Systems

19 Inch Rack-mount SAT-Headend Installation Examples

System Design examples for different use cases with and w/o optical SAT distribution:

Examples: Satellite -Reception system for up to 4 international SAT-Positions
-with cascaded 19 Inch Multiswitch for max.64 SAT-IF-Outputs for direct distribution to the rooms or to the central headend station
-with relative short coax cable length or alternativ with optical fiber (1-Fiber-System):

Application example SAT-HE

Some alternatives of Satellite-reception designs for 2 to 4 international SAT-Positions
-e.g. ASTRA 19.2E and Hotbird 13E to serve the clients/customer TV's with international multilanguage TV and Radio-Channels in Hotels etc...
-with cascaded 19-Inch Multiswitches for max. 64 SAT-IF-outputs in the headend station or directly to wall outlets
-cascading of several 19-Inch Multiswitches can increase the 64 SAT-IF-outputs to serve more connections directly to wall outlets
-with short Coax -ways and -length or alternativ with fiber optics (Multi-Fiber or 1-fiber-System) to lossless LNB-SAT-RF distribution to the Head-End:

Application example2 SAT-HE