BLANKOM 19'' Multiswitches

Head-End Multiswitches

19'' Rackmount Multiswitch and a Matrix for the Digital TV Headend

High-performance 1x , 2x, 4x Sat-position Gateway devices for digital TV broadcasting headend systems

BMS-0512C: 1 SAT-Position - 12 Receiver out - cascadable

BLANKOM BMS-0512C is a high-performance 1x Sat-Position Gateway device for digital TV broadcasting headend systems with ahigh end performance. Designed for the modern 19’’ rack mounting installations. This professional Multiswitch can be cascaded and is useful to grow with your demands. If more Receiver outputs are needed - simply add a second device in your 19’’Rack. (Up to 7 cascading devices in one chain are possible). The LNB power can be set to ON or OFF to be almost flexible for the combination with non-powered devices like fibre optic LNB or similar optical transmitter –receiver couples like the BLANKOM BFT-44 (4x fibre transmitter) to BFR-44 /4x (Fibre receiver). LED’s are showing the actual status. Gain adjustments for all 4 SAT-IF Inputs (+ terrestrial) can be equalized. Designed to work and power even multiple LNB's connected (Single, Dual) in a mix to reach DVB-T-Station SAT receptions from multiple positions demanded like in France.



  • Professional RF design for DVB IPTV and Digital Headend’s
  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • LNB supply 13-18V, 13V-18V+22KHz and up to 2.5A in total, special versions available upon request
  • Low power consumption, LNB powering ON/OFF selectable
  • QUAD LNB compatible, 950-2150MHz and 47-870MHz lossless sharp filter design
  • Output port protection up to 100 Volts

Technical Data:

SMATV SAT-IF distribution Single SAT-Position Multiswitch
Input interface 1x Sat-position with 4 Inputs F-Connector female, 75 Ohm,
1x Terrestrial Input active (passive available on demand), F-connector, 75 Ohm
Outputs 12 Receiver outputs, F-connector female, 75 Ohm, 4 Trunk outputs + 1x terrestrial for cascading
LNB polarity selectable 13V, 18V, 13V+22KHZ, 18V+22KHz (Quad compatible).
Multiple dual- and single LNB’s can be installed but should not exceed 2.5A consumption in total.
Frequency range SAT-IF: 950-2150MHz Terrestrial: 47-870MHz
Through loss Trunks SAT: -2dB ±0.5dB Terr.: -1dB ±0.5dB (passive = 28dB)
Receiver output gain SAT / IF: 950MHz -2dB ±1dB, SAT / IF: 2150MHz +2dB ±1 dB, TERR: +4dB ±1dB
Max. Input Level SAT / IF: 96dBμV / Minimum level= 65dBμV TERR: 84dBμV
Max. Output Level SAT / IF IMA3: 98dBμV / Minimum Output level= 67dBμV TERR: 88dBμV
Attenuation/Gain adjust. SAT / IF and Terr = 15 dB by 5x360° potentiometer fine adjust
Isolation: SAT-SAT >30dB, SAT-Terr >37 dB
Power Primary AC 100V…230V to 2x24V DC 2A with Auto pass from redundant PSU’s
Dimension 485mm × 245mm × 45mm (WxLxH) 1 RU
Approx weight 2.5kg
Environment -30…50℃ (operation), -20…80℃ (storage)

Download the Datasheet PDF

BMS-0932K: 2 SAT-Positions - 32 Receiver out - Cascadable


This cost effective 19 inch 3U headend multiswitch family (9/17) is designed to overcome the problems of traditional multiswitch mounting in 19 inch environments:

  • Double industrial power supplies with high isolation have been used for fail-safe operation
  • There is an active terrestrial input to supply also the DVB-T signal form
  • Cascading (tap attenuation 0.5dB) with up to 8 of these multiswitches allows flexible adaptation to larger building cabling (SAT/Terr)
  • Manual switching of the LNB supply voltage (cascades)
  • Low input signal strengths are compensated by high amplification at the receiver outputs
  • High RF isolation due to high quality direct F-connections on the boards
  • Low current consumption due to new generations of SMD components
  • LED indicators for each connected receiver port
  • Uninterrupted air circulation through 2 separate fans
  • Overvoltage protection up to 100V at the receiver outputs

and further arguments:

Main Features:

  • Dual redundant internal high isolated industrial Power supplies
  • Low power consumption, air circulation due to 2 separate fans
  • Active TERR input (passive input available), LNB Voltage On/Off switch
  • Quad & Quattro LNB compatible (internal 22KHz Oscillator),DiSEqC support
  • 950-2150MHz and 47-870MHz lossless sharp filter for each subscriber outputs
  • Low signal resistant due to high gain through the receiver outputs
  • +4dB equalizer range for each RF output compensating slope
  • Tap loss 0,5dB , High isolation
  • Active TERR input (passive input available), LNB Voltage On/Off switch
  • Optimized RF design for the usage of DVB IPTV and Digital Headends
  • Up to 8 consecutive cascading’s possible

Technical data and PDF download link of the data sheet see in the following section (BMS-1732K):

BMS-1732K: 4 SAT-Positions - 32 Receiver out - Cascadable



  • Same as for the BMS-0932K but with 4 SAT-Positions
No. of Inputs SAT / IF 9 or 16
Receiver Subscriber Outputs   32
Cascadable loop-through Outputs SAT / IF 9/16
TERR Gain   23...25dB
Selections of LNB / Polarity   13V, 18V, 13V22KHz, 18V22KHz
Frequency Range SAT / IF 950-2150MHz
TERR 47-870MHz
Tap-loss Subscriber Outputs SAT / IF @ 950MHz +1dB±1
SAT / IF @ 2150MHz +1dB±1
TERR. Rec / Out 1-8 -4dB±2
TERR. Rec / Out 9-16 -4dB±2
TERR. Rec / Out 17-24 -4dB±2
TERR. Rec / Out 24-36 -4dB±2
Max. Input Level SAT / IF 98dBµV
Max. Output Level SAT / IF IMA3 102dBµV
Return-loss Inputs / Outputs 10dB / 14dB
Isolation SAT-SAT >33dB
SAT-Terr >37dB
Usable LNBs   Quad&Quattro
Max. Current loss from Subscriber Output   41mA
Max. Current loss from System   960mA
Max. Current loss with LNB   920mA
Operating Temperature   -85...+50°C
Dimensions (BxHxT)   320x320x45mm

Download the Datasheet PDF

BMM-1716: The high compact BLANKOM Satellite – L-Band-Switch Matrix



  • Professional RF design for DVB IPTV and Digital Headend’s
  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • Web-Interface: Remote adjustment by an Internet Browser
  • LNB supply 13-18V, 13V-18V+22KHz and up to 3,5A in total, special versions w/o Network-Interface and with only 1 PSU available upon request
  • Low power consumption
  • Terrestrial passway included
  • This stunning cost effective SAT-MATRIX is equipped with a Web-Interface which can be operated by a normal browser via an Ethernet IP connection
    – also remotely to flexible adjust and select every SAT-Input-port (incl. terrestrial pathway) to any of the 16 output ports to be routed or multiplied.
    With the inbuilt RF-level monitoring circuit the user always gets the qualitative information about the signal and displayed in the web-interface.
    In parallel the LNC powering is monitored and shown. This Matrix comes with dual redundant power supplies for securing highest reliability.
    This high performance matrix operates fully autonomous and has been designed for modern 1RU 19’’ rack installations.
    This SAT/T(2) matrix is an ideal equipment for a flexible SAT/T distribution as a Headend-Input selection from max 4 SAT-positions.
    Even useful by using several units for the pre-selection of more than 4 SAT positions (incl. DVB-T/T2)
    to active or passive distribution equipment like splitter/taps or cascadable Multiswitch devices,
    it allows a flexible combination also for an almost complex SAT/T network serving multiple Signal-Input combinations.>

    Download the Datasheet/Operating Instruction Manual PDF in dual Language EN/DE

Application Examples