Multi-Fiber SAT-IF System

Optical SAT-IF Distribution with 4 Fiber

Optical Transmitter - Receiver over Multi-Fiber

Our optical 4-Fiber SAT-IF distribution system always works as a couple:
4-fiber Transmitter (E/O) and 4-fiber Receiver (O/E)


4-Fiber optical Receiver with each fiber for every SAT-polarisation/band: VL/VH/HL/HH SAT-IF out ... Terrestrial option upon request:


BFT-44 and BFR-44 features:

  • Transmitter in outdoor Die cast chassis
  • 4- fibre solution for longer distances
  • Works with a standard Quattro LNB
  • Low power consumption
  • LNB powering ON/OFF selectable
  • 950-2150MHz, adjustable levels @ both sides
  • Professional RF designed for DVB IPTV and Digital Head-Ends
  • Quad & Quattro LNB support with 13V 18V 22Khz
  • C Band Q Band Ku/L Band compatible
  • Different IF Signal Inputs per polarity possible
  • Long life approved
  • 20 dB Attenuator for each polarity input - adjustable
  • Amplifier & AGC inbuilt, Automatic or manual gain adjustment
  • Transmitter: 2mW … 5 mW Laser (optional others available)
  • Receiver: Max optical input power should be 2mW (3dBm)

Download the Datasheet PDF

Download the Multi-Fiber-Guide PDF

Application Example: