Optical Multiswitch System

Fiber to the TV / SAT-Receiver

Optical Multiswitch System

This new optical system replaces traditional coax cabling in the age of modern fiber optic installations

Up to 4 SAT-Positions directly serving centrally by BFM-1732C


corresponding wall-outlets as single or dual versions: BFR-01 or Dual = BFR-02
BFR-01 BFR-02

BFM-1732C and BFR-01 / -02 Features:

  • Dual Powersupply
  • Active TERR input (also available as passive input)
  • Designed for 19" 2RU Rack cabinet
  • Cascade output Tap pass loss 0,5dB
  • RF-Quality to connect maximum 8 following cascades
  • High isolation because of direkt PCB type F connectors
  • LED indicator of each Receiver output
  • LNB on/off switch (off for cascaded units)
  • High isolation industrial PSU’s
  • Signal transport with fiber optic SC/APC single mode to wall sockets
  • Easy and compact installation
  • Low power usage thanks to a new generation smd components
  • LNB supply feature 13V - 18V
  • Quad- & Quattro- LNB compatible
  • Cooling control by 2 separate fans
  • HQ Terrestrial broadcast output by sharp filters
  • Level adjustments for the trunk outputs by single attenuators

  • Compact sizes: Single and Dual outlets
  • Receiver sourced - no external PSU
  • SAT- Transponder Downstream: 1550nm
  • SAT-Signalling (13/18V, 0/22Khz, DiSEqC) Upstream: 1310nm
  • SC/APC - standard optical connectors

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