SAT-Equipment: High Quality

for SMATV installations in a Headend

SAT-Equipment On Demand

In projects or tenders we also offer accessories for the SAT distributions - such as:

SAT-IF Amplifier 24 dB, adjustable with DC switch for 1, 2, 3, 4 SAT-Positions, Terrestrial:

Click the picture opens the datasheet

SAT-IF Splitter and Tap's:

5-line to 3 TAP out Blockdiagramm:
BMT-5501 Blockschaltbild

There are many different types of TAP's and Splitter for Projects: Just ask us by email...
The external Power Supply unit is available in 2 types depending on: DieCast or the tin plated metal housing.
The Diecast Chassis has a female F-connector, the metal-shield housing has a DC Jack:
PSU-15-3.3 PSU-15-3.3-dc

Application EXAMPLE:

Villa system