SAT-IF optical technology

Optical Satellite SAT-IF Distribution Systems

SAT-IF optical distribution technology by Fiber

To meet customer demands, we offer a Multi-Fiber-Solution and a 1-Fiber-Solution:

The Multi-Fiber solution uses for every SAT-Polarization (VL,HL,VH,HH) an own fiber is more cost effective for the reception of 1-2 SAT positions = 4-8 fiber.
The single fiber solution uses wavelength-multiplexing for 4x4 SAT-positions + 1 terrestrial pathway = 17 wavelength on 1 fiber.
Both systems are fitting to the intergrators infrastructure and depending on:

a) If enough dark fibers are available, the Multifiber is a right choice for pushing SAT-IF through every single one. If one fiber fails, the others are still active:


b) If the number of fibers are limited all SAT-IF signals (+terr) can be multiplexed through 1 fiber:


So the integrator should find the balance between: OPEX and CAPEX - renting fiber(s) or own them, as well as signal high-availability and redundancy cases.
The Multifiber system can be enhanced to add a DVB-T-path - upon request.
In combination with our BLR-4x SAT-IF Redundancy Switch - both Systems can be used but it is always a question - how many SAT-positions should be served to the Headend.

Download SAT by Fiber System Overview DE/EN