Premium SAT Multiswitches

Multiswitches 1-4 Satellites

Premium Satellite-TV Multiswitches for scalable SAT-IF Distributions

High-performance 1x , 2x, 3x, 4x Sat-position Gateway devices for digital TV broadcasting

The BLANKOM Premium Multiswitch family is a high-performance 1...4 x Sat-Position SAT-IF distribution technology for digital TV broadcasting systems with a professional engineered performance Made in Germany. Designed for easy wall mounting installations. This HighEnd Multiswitches are available as cascaded versions to serve bigger buildings with many floors. If more Receiver outputs are needed - simply add a second device in your signal chain. (Up to 7 cascading devices in one chain are possible). In cascaded systems, the LNB power will be served from bottom to top design (15V DC) to be almost flexible for the combination.

ECO-Features: The 5-IN and 9-IN are available as variants without the need for an internal or external power supply: RECEIVER SOURCED.
And a special 2-SAT variant w/o terrestrial pathway: The BME-808 and its cascade = max. 16 Receiver outputs

Premium Multiswitch Overview:
--> Multiswitch for 1 SAT-Position: 5-Inputs
--> Multiswitch for 2 SAT-Position: 9-Inputs
--> Multiswitch for 3 SAT-Positions: 13-Inputs
--> 4 SAT-Positions: 17 Inputs
--> Application Optic-Coax mixed

This cost effective Multiswitch Family Made in Germany is designed for reliability and long life:

  • industrial power supplies with high isolation have been used for fail-safe operation
  • latest RF-chipset technology
  • Cascading with up to 7 of these multiswitches allows flexible adaptation to larger buildings
  • As T-active (T) or passive (the standard) versions available
  • integrated amplifier for low insertion loss
  • high isolation between polarisations
  • return loss < 10 dB (low bit errors)
  • new stripline technology
  • with integrated or high class external power supply
  • Made in Germany


BLANKOM MS - Series with 5 Inputs : 1 SAT-Position - 8-32 Receiver out - cascadable

BLANKOM MS - Series with 9 Inputs : 2 SAT-Positions 8-32 Receiver out - Cascadable

BLANKOM MS - Series with 13 Inputs : 3 SAT-Positions up to 32 Receiver out - Cascadable

BLANKOM MS - Series with 17 Inputs : 4 SAT-Position up to 32 Receiver out - cascadable

Application Example

fiber optic - buildings