Headend Installations

Installations and Project examples

Exhibition Hannover

19-Zoll Rack

SAT ASTRA Transponders to SPTS IPTV-Streams
with 19'' Multiswitch for 2 Sat-Positions BMS-0932K and IGS-924, with potential for future upgrades to 2 SAT-Positions Zur Story

Holiday Campus on the Island Usedom

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Outdoor-Cabinet: Exchange QAMOS 8x SAT to 8 DVB-C against SAT-Multiswitch BMS-0512C and Transmodulator HDC-7016: Increasing CATV to 16 QAM Channels to every Appartment. Orthogonal installation in 2RU with 19 Inch Traverse.... Story later...

Gas - Rig in Malaysia

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4x 16 CVBS/FBAS/HDMI ADE-264 HD Encoder to IPTV multicast streams to more than 80x M15 Set Top Boxes
This Setup was increased later to more channels by adding more encoder blades and additional 30 STB's to serve more rooms. Story: Download

Encoder-Streamer Africa

Tansania Encoder-Streamer

6x 16 CVBS/HDMI ADE-264 HD Encoder-Streamer = 96 IPTV's; Installation in Tansania.... Story later


IGS-700 added

Installation of an IGS-700 to serve more TV Channels for international guests with additional IPTV Stream-Channels from Hotbird 13°E.... Story maybe soon

Senior Residence

Multischalter & Modulator

Installation of a HDC-7016/BMS-0512C Multiswitch - Combination for 16 DVB-C QAM from ASTRA Satellite Story asap...

Seniorenresidenz Upgrade

Messe AG Hannover - IPTV to the halls

Upgrading an old DVB-C system to IPTV Multicast.
The IPTV streams are deployed to every Hall with Layer 3 CISCO IGMP-Switches and fiber distribution networks.
Updating an old SAT dish with a modern LNB and upgrading the coax cables .
Installation of:

  • 1x 19 Inch Multiswitch BMS-0932K with a spare SAT LNB input for future upgrades with additional SAT-positions.
  • 1x SAT-To IP Gateway IGS-924, 24 Transponder to max. 1024 SPTS streams demultiplexed and routed into the own optical gigabit network
  • Several IPTV Set Top Box to serve the booth's / stands: 4K UHD 6800+ from BLANKOM.