3 SAT Multiswitches

from 8 to 32 subscribers, cascadable

3-Sat-Position Multiswitches with Terrestrial support

Multiswitch family for 3x 4 LNB (H/V,High-/Low-Band = QUATTRO) Inputs + 1x Terrestrial to 8/ 12 / 16 / 24 / 32 Receiver Outputs
Options: Standalone, Cascade (K), Terrestrial passive or active.
This Multiswitch family is intended for small to huge distribution networks as a standalone version or as Cascade Version. Terrestrial (off-air) signals are routed active (T-Versions) or passive. Each user output circuitry is operated from users SAT-SetTopBox or TV with Multituner.
A power supply (15 or 18V depending on type) have to serve the switch for remote powering the LNB or in cascades for the trunk line amplifier for long distance cable compensations. External (internal) power serving is used for feeding internal active Terrestrial pathway amplifiers.

  • industrial power supplies with high isolation have been used for fail-safe operation
  • latest RF-chipset technology
  • Cascading with up to 7 of these multiswitches allows flexible adaptation to larger buildings
  • integrated amplifier for low insertion loss
  • high isolation between polarisations
  • return loss < 10 dB (low bit errors)
  • new stripline technology
  • with integrated or high class external power supply
  • Made in Germany

The 13 Inputs (3x4x SAT, 1x Terrestrial) to 8/ 12/ 16/ 24/ 32 Outputs SAT Multiswitches are available with different features:

Name Variant Description X=placeholder for 8,12,16,24,32
BS The Typename part can vary: BMS or BMP = Standalone MS (incl. PSU with Euro-Plug)
BSB Standalone (incl. PSU) but with British power cord
BS 131-X Standalone, terrestrial passive for Quattro LNB’s. The ‘X’ is a placeholder for 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 outputs’
BS 131-X T Standalone, terrestrial active for Quattro LNB’s. The ‘X’ is a placeholder for 8, 12, 16, 24 or 32 outputs’
BSD 131-X (T) Standalone version w/o internal PSU, coax cable power served by trunk- or input-amplifier or from external PSU 15VDC-3A, different options
BKD 131-X (T) 5 Cascaded outputs’, external PSU necessary or sourced by a standalone final Multiswitch, (T) Active or passive.
Type Modelname Short Description Remarks , Extras
With PSU

BS-131-08 BS-131-08
3-SAT + terr to 8 Subscriber outputs, integrated amplifier for low insertion loss, high isolation between polarisations available as terrestrial active (T) or passive, return loss < 10 dB (low bit errors),new stripline technology

BS-131-08 BS-131-12/-16
3-SAT-Positions high quality A-CLASS Standalone Multiswitch for 12 or 16 Subscribers, internal Power Supply (PSU) Available as terrestrial active (T)or passive version, MADE IN GERMANY

BS-131-24/-32 BS-131-24/-32
3-SAT-positions Standalone Multiswitch for 24 or 32 Subscribers: Serving many housholds from one SAT-Dish center station available as terrestrial active or passive version, in combination with cascade-versions up to 250 TV/Receiver can be served

BKD-131-08 BKD-131-08
Cascade-Version for bigger buildings - less rooms per floor 8 receiver out: Small Hotels or Residences available as terrestrial active or passive version, external PSU, Power up design: Last Multiswitch serves from bottom to top LNB's

BKD-131-12/-16 BKD-131-12/-16
Cascade-Version for bigger buildings - middle size Hotels and residences with usual number of flats per floor available as terrestrial active or passive version, optional external PSU, flexible combination with other foor-Multiswitches -> Save CAPEX

BKD-131-24/-32 BKD-131-24/-32
Cascade-Version for bigger buildings - size for huge numbers of rooms/floor: Bigger Hotels and Residences serving available as terrestrial active (T) or passive version, external PSU 15VDC 3A optional, MADE in GERMANY= High Quality (SAT-IF Signal and long life design)<