Receivers Sourced ECO-Switch

BME-0808 + Cascade => 16 TV's

BME-0808(K) Scalable Receiver sourced SAT-Multiswitch for 8 or 16 TV's

BME-0808 Multiswitch ECO


  • 2x Quad/Quattro LNB-IN to 8 or 16 Out
  • Optimized RF design for the usage in households or apartment buildings
  • Standalone 8-out and K-Cascade Version to upgrade from 8 to 16
  • Low power consumption, dual LNB powering through its Receivers
  • 2x SAT-positions, L-Band : 950-2150MHz, DiSEqC support
  • Seamless automatic switching
  • LED status indicators for each In- and Outputs
  • Compact size: 18x12x4cm per unit
  • Without terrestrial passway for a better SAT-IF performance
  • Grow with your buildings/household... if more connections needed
  • - just add the BME-0808K cascading unit

BME-0808K ECO Multiswitch


BME-0808 and -0808K combined ECO-Multiswitch gets you 16 SAT Receiver-Ports:


Download the Datasheet PDF

Application Example

Application Example