SAT-Redundancy BLR-4x

A 19'' automatic Redundancy Switch 2x 4 -> 4 SAT-IF

Headend 1 SAT-Position redundancy Switch

This 19’’ 1RU rackmount automatic redundancy switcher is designed for serving
up to 2 standard Quattro LNB’s as SAT A is the master and SAT B the backup source

BLR-4x: 19’’ L-Band redundancy switch


  • Optimized RF design for the usage of DVB IPTV and Digital Headend’s
  • Dual redundant internal high isolated industrial Power supplies
  • Low power consumption, LNB powering
  • L-Band : 950-2150MHz
  • Seamless automatic switching if 1 input level becomes weak: if less than 65dBμV
  • Active level monitoring and internal low attenuation
  • LED indicators for each In- and Outputs and PSU status

Download the Datasheet PDF