BLANKOM 1-Fiber-System

Optical SAT-IF Distribution with Wavelength-Multiplex

Optical Transmitter - Receiver over 1-Fiber

Our optical 1-Fiber SAT-IF distribution system always works as a couple: Transmitter (E/O) and Receiver (O/E)


BPF-41-AGC features:

  • 4 Satellites (16x Quad Quattro L/C-band MDU LNB support)
  • Isolated linear DFB laser CWDM
  • RF transported over a single fiber optic cable available as 4dBm (BPF-41-4)and 8dBm (BPF-41-8)
  • Front panel: Gain adjustment for each input
  • LNB voltage control enabled with on-off switch and short circuit protection
  • Built-in high linear AGC amplifier BPF 41-8 transmitter
  • BPF 41-8 transmitter with internal tilt level adjustment (standard)
  • 950-2150 MHz (SAT- IF) bandwidth and 47-870 MHz (Digital Terrestrial)
  • Voltage LED Indicators and automatic fan cooling system

Download the Datasheet PDF

BFR-41 1-Fiber optical Receiver with 17 Wavelength demultiplexer to SAT-IF and Terrestrial RF outputs:


BFR-41 Features:

  • up to 4 SAT positions (+ terrestrial) via 1 CWDM
  • embedded amplifier and 35 dB isolation
  • input dividers (fibre-optical to electrical) compensation by embedded amplifier
  • Low loss and high performance through the SC/APC fibre optic connector
  • Gain-Adjustment: 0…20 dB gain attenuator for each port adjustment for best performance
  • Integrated Power supply for Plug&Play operation incl. monitoring

Download the Datasheet PDF

Download the 1-Fiber Installation Guide PDF

Application Example: