SAT-IF 1 Fiber System

Optical SAT-IF Distribution with Wavelength-Multiplex

Optical SAT-IF transmission technology

The optical 1 Fiber SAT-IF distribution system always works as a couple: Transmitter (E/O) and Receiver (O/E)

Compact-sized 1 SAT-Position 1 Fiber BFT-404 and BFR-104 couple:

BFT-404 BFR-104

BFT-404 / BFR-104 Features:

  • 1 Satellite (4x Quad/Quattro L/C-Band MDU LNB support)
  • Isolated linearer DFB Laser CWDM
  • SAT-IF with wavelengthmultiplex via one single fiber
  • Available as 4dBm (BFT-404) or 8dBm (BFT-408)
  • Gain adjustment for every of the 4 RF Inputs
  • LNB power supplying, External Power Supply 12V
  • External metal housing for Mast or Wall mounting available
  • 950-2150 MHz (SAT- IF) Bandwidth output
  • Voltage power LED Indicators
  • BFR-104 optical Receiver powered by following multiswitch

Download Datasheet PDF

Application Example:

1-fiber-compact application

19 INCH Rackmount Versions

Available Models: For 1, 2, 3 and 4 Satellite positions for 1...4 standard Quad/Quattro LNB's:
Examples: 1 SAT- (BPF/BFR-11) and 4 SAT- (BPF/BFR-41) over Fiber Versions:

Optical Transmitter - Receiver over 1-Fiber: 1 Sat-Version

Available as couple: Transmitter BPF-11 (E/O) and Receiver BFR-11 (O/E)


BPF-11-AGC Features:

  • 1 Satellit (4x Quad/Quattro L/C-Band MDU LNB support)
  • Isolated linearer DFB Laser CWDM
  • SAT-IF (opt. with terr) in Wavelengthmultiplex via 1 single fiber SC/APC: Available as 4dBm (BPF-11-4) or 8dBm (BPF-11-8)
  • Front: AGC= Automatic Gain Control for every of the 5 Inputs
  • LNB supplying voltage with ON-OFF switch and short-Protection
  • Inbuilt high-linearer AGC Amplifier in BPF 11-8 Transmitter
  • BPF 11-8 Transmitter with internal Slope-automatic (standart)
  • 950-2150 MHz (SAT- IF) Bandwidth and 47-870 MHz (Digital Terrestrial)
  • Voltage and operation- LED Indicators and automatic Fan cooling System

BFR-11 1-Fiber optic Receiver with 5 Wavelength-demultiplexing to SAT-IF and Terrestrial RF Outputs:


BFR-11 Features:

  • For 1 SAT Position (+ terrestrial) via 1 CWDM
  • Internal Amplifier and 35 dB Isolation
  • Input Dividers (fibre-optical to electrical O/E) + compensation by the internal Amplifier
  • Low loss and high power via SC/APC-LWL connector
  • Amplification adjustment: 0...20 (15) dB attenuator to optimize every SAT-polarization/band SAT-IF
  • Integrated PSU for Plug&Play- operation

Download Datasheet PDF

Application Example:


Optical SAT-IF Transmitter/Receiver- couple
via 1- optical fibre for max. 4 Satellite's


BPF-41-AGC Transmitter Features:

  • 4 Satellites (16x Quad Quattro L/C-band MDU LNB support)
  • Isolated linear DFB laser CWDM with SC/APC connectors
  • RF transported over a single mode fiber optic cable available as 4dBm (BPF-41-4)and 8dBm (BPF-41-8)
  • Front panel: Gain adjustment for each input by LCD keypad
  • LNB voltage control enabled with on-off switch and short circuit protection
  • Built-in high linear AGC amplifier BPF 41-8 transmitter
  • BPF 41-8 transmitter with internal tilt level adjustment (standard)
  • 950-2150 MHz (SAT- IF) bandwidth and 47-870 MHz (Digital Terrestrial)
  • Voltage LED Indicators and automatic fan cooling system

Download the Datasheet PDF

BFR-41 1-Fiber optical Receiver with 17 Wavelength demultiplexer to SAT-IF and Terrestrial RF outputs:


BFR-41 Receiver Features:

  • up to 4 SAT positions (+ terrestrial) via 1 CWDM
  • embedded amplifier and 35 dB isolation
  • input dividers (fibre-optical to electrical) compensation by embedded amplifier
  • Low loss and high performance through the SC/APC fibre optic connector
  • Gain-Adjustment: 0…20 dB gain attenuator for each port adjustment for best performance
  • Integrated Power supply for Plug&Play operation incl. monitoring

Download the Datasheet PDF

Download the 1-Fiber Installation Guide PDF

Application Example:


1-Fiber FttH Multiswitch System for MDU's

Additional to the 1 Fiber Transmitter series (1-4 SAT-positions) BLANKOM releases the new direct to home
integrated Multiswitches for 1-4 SAT Positions and 10 Receiver outputs:


1-SAT-Position: BFM-41-10 Features:

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 Satellite position* direct FttH Multiswitch
  • SC/APC optic connector, mono mode
  • SAT-IF 950-2150 MHz, Terr.: 47-870 MHz with adjustment
  • Max. optical Input Power 2 mW
  • Optical Wavelength Range 1270...1570nm* (CWDM) (1270 contains Terr+ VL)
  • Compact housing 225x140x60mm*
  • External PSU 12VDC 3A

*) depending on model

Download Datasheet PDF

Available Models: For 1, 2, 3 and 4 Satellite positions

BFM-11-10C cascade, BFM-41-10, BFM-21-10MDU, BFM-31-10 MDU, BFM-44-10
please click on the picture to get the Datasheet

*) Cascading Versions will not further designed: It is easier to use either the corresponding optical Receiver unit (BFR-11...41) or simply use on optical splitter in the houes and add more opt. Multiswitches

Application Example:

1-fiber-Villa application