Video Transcoder

IP-IP Transcoder HD h.264 and HEVC

Transcoder IP IP and Multiplexer

Stream Transcoding: Input IP multi- and unicast SPTS/MPTS h.264 and MPEG2 streams will be re-encoded = transcoded.
The BTR-6000 is a Broadcast grade, high performance transcoder for up to 32 SD or 16 HD or 1x 4K UHD channels.
Tested up to 30 HD to HD reducing bitrates by keeping format/resolution and codecs in many hospitals and clinic-IPTV systems to the bed terminals.
A full-HEVC 4K version BTR-6000V and a broadcaster-grade h.265 4K with 4:2:2 as BTR-6100 are also available upon request.




  • Video compliant with H.265/HEVC Baseline, MainProfile@L6.2 or less / H.264/AVC Baseline, Main&High Profile@L5.1 or less
  • H.264/AVC support HDx16 /SDx32, h.265/HEVC support 4Kx1 / 1080Px8 / 720Px16 / SDx32 depending on picture-re-scaling: Resolution from 96x96 to 4096x2160
  • Audio compliant with MPEG-1 Layer II Audio, AAC transcoding, AC3 passthrough or encoding to stereo-lipsync
  • Bitrate from 200 kbps to 20 Mbps, Up to 200 MPTS/SPTS output, 100 Mbps max. for each
  • PSI/SI edition and PID passthrough, PCR self-correcting
  • Re-Multiplexing DVB and IPTV conform
  • Multi-audio transcoding and pass through
  • Logo and Text insertion, Rolling subtitle insertion
  • Support 1+N output stream backup feature
  • Inserting of Text, Logos and scrolling Text as TV-Overlays
  • Re-Multiplexing DVB and IPTV conform, Subtitle passing and EIT remultiplexing (MPTS->MPTS)
  • Remote management by an inbuilt Webserver-Interface

Download the BTR-6000 Datasheet PDF