OmniscreenTV Enterprise IPTV System

IPTV for several Business Areas

OmniscreenTV.....Everything you need to deliver and manage your content to
Government, Corporate, Education, Hospitals, Aged Care, Hotels and Resorts, Workforce Accomodations, Public Venues and many many more...

Businesses should no longer compromise on the features and quality of their enterprise television and signage platforms
Omniscreen Pilot™ is an enterprise TV and digital signage application server. The software component of the platform is provided either as an appliance or as a SaaS offering deployed in the Cloud. The hardware components of a system include digital TV and radio gateways, computer servers, set-top boxes, smart TV displays and other devices as applicable.  The design is based on Internet Protocol and web services. Structured data cabling (or managed wireless Ethernet) are typically used for connectivity, but legacy infrastructure can also be catered for. This is a reliable system proven in commercial deployments under 24/7 operating conditions.


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