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Mar. 17, 2018  BLANKOM HDE-4K4 4K, HD, SD IPTV Streamer now in stock
Feb. 11, 2018  BLANKOM BTR-6000 4K, HD, SD Transcoder now available
Jan. 4, 2018    IRENIS 6600+ & BLANKOM 6600+ IPTV Set-Top Boxes now in stock
Dec. 19, 2017  IRENIS HDE IP Streamer, Recorder, Player is discontinued

Blankom Satellite Headend Multiswitch

Headend Multiswitch

New BLANKOM® 19″ Rackmount Multiswitch for Heavy-Duty Operation in Headends. Made in Germany.


IP Encoder & Streamers

IP Encoder & Streamers for IPTV-on-LAN, Video-over-IP and OTT applications.

IPTV Headend

DVB/IP Gateway, IPTV Encoder & Multiplexer,  Server for IP distribution over LAN & Internet.

DVB Headend

All-in-One SMATV Headends, DVB Modulators, Multiplexers, DVB & IPTV Hybrid CATV/SMATV Headends.

iptv dvb stb set-top box

IPTV Set-Top Box, IRD

Receiver units for IPTV reception through LAN & Internet. IPTV Set-Top Box, IPTV and DVB Hybrid Set-Top Box.

Broadcasting Equipment

Broadcast-Grade IRDs, IP and ASI Encoders, DVB-C/T/T2/S2 Modulators, Multiplexers, BISS Scrambler

dvb mpeg2 mpeg4 test

IPTV Test & Monitoring

Test & measuring products, monitoring solutions for IPTV networks.

irenis hotel iptv

IPTV Systems

Enterprise IPTV systems on LAN & WAN, OTT applications for small/medium Web-TV operators, Video-over-IP equipment.

IRENIS IP technology
is the right choice

irenis full compatibility of all equipment

Full compatibility between all IRENIS models.

Designed, engineered, manufactured and tested for heavy & demanding use, long life, maximum reliability.

Excellent price / performance ratio.

BLANKOM® product range
is being renewed!


The new BLANKOM® Professional Headend Equipment product range is in development. Several items are already on sale and shipping.

There is and will be a wide choice of IPTV, DVB-C and DVB-T Headend Units with state-of-the-art features.
All new items are in 19″ rack format, and have web-browser control access over LAN & WAN.

IRENIS is the worldwide distributor of all BLANKOM® products.

IPTVH.265 (HEVC) equipment

  • HDE-265 ⟩ H.265 IP Encoder with HDMI input
  • SDE-265 ⟩ H.265 IP Encoder with HD-SDI input
  • HDE-1265 ⟩ 19″ rack mount type H.265 IP Encoder & Streamer with HDMI input
  • SDE-1265 ⟩ 19″ rack mount type H.265 IP Encoder & Streamer with HD-SDI input
  • HDE-16265 ⟩ 19″ rack mount H.265 IP Encoder & Streamer with HDMI input, 16 dual streams
  • SDE-16265 ⟩ 19″ rack mount H.265 IP Encoder & Streamer with HD-SDI input, 16 dual streams
  • 6600+ ⟩ IPTV STB with H.265 support
  • 7500+ ⟩ IPTV STB with H.265 and 4K support

Systems and all components of OTT, Web-TV, IPTV, Video-over-IP, Live-streaming applications.

DVB and IPTV headend equipment.

Design, engineering, implementation, consultancy of IPTV & DVB headends.

You can order IRENIS IPTV Set-Top Boxes worldwide online

Ask for a quote for large quantities and for our professional products

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