DVB-C Headend with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input :: BLANKOM HDC-6008CI

DVB-C Headend with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input, with CI HDC-6008CI Ask for further info and quotation DVB-C (QAM) Headend with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input, CI, Multiplexer ⟩⟩⟩ 5. Generation BLANKOM® DVB-C Headend Technology. Satellite and IPTV input, DVB-C (QAM) output, with Common Interface & Multiplexer. […]

DVB / IP Gateway :: BLANKOM IGS-700

DVB / IP Gateway IGS-700 Ordering Guide: 3 Versions available: BLANKOM IGS-700 4 DVB-S/S2/S2X Tuners BLANKOM IGS-700-C 4 DVB-C Tuners BLANKOM IGS-700-T/T2 4 DVB-T/T2 Tuners Ask for further info or quotation BLANKOM IGS-700 converts the contents of 4x satellite transponders to IP streams as SPTS or MPTS IPTV. There are 4x CI slots for CA modules, which can decode TV services, fed from the RF-IN, ASI-IN or IP inputs […]

DVB-S2 and IPTV IRD :: BLANKOM IRD-6100/6200/6250

Professional Satellite (DVB T/T2, CATV) and IPTV Receiver (IRD) BLANKOM IRD-6100 / IRD-6200 / IRD-6250 Ask for further info or quotation ⟩⟩⟩ BLANKOM IRD-6100/6200/6250 series is a new design Integrated Receiver & Decoder for satellite tv (DVB-S/S2) and IPTV. After de-multiplexing and de-encryption with CAM module, it gives content out through ASI, IP and as decoded service through HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, YPbPr, CVBS outputs. It has a small LCD video monitor on the front panel. […]