Headend Multiswitch


Cascadable multiswitch for DVB and IPTV headends.

⟩⟩⟩ BLANKOM® Multiswitch optimized for use in headends. Redundant power supply, designed for heavy-duty use, in 19″ 1 RU rack mountable enclosure.

  • 4 SAT-IF input, 1 terrestrial input, 5 cascade throughput, 12 receiver output
    Active terrestrial input (passive optional available)
  • 5 cascade throughput
  • 19″ 1 RU rack mountable enclosure
  • Dual redundant power supplies

  • Up to 8 cascading’s possible
  • Low power consumption
  • LNB powering ON/OFF selectable
  • LNB supply 13-18V, 13V-18V+22KHz = QUAD LNB compatible
  • DiSEqC 1.0 support
  • 950-2150MHz and 47-870MHz lossless sharp filter design
  • Trunk loss in average less than 2dB
  • High Isolation between outputs
  • Output port protection up to 100 Volts
  • LED indicators for each output
  • High performance isolated industrial power supplies
  • Professional RF design for DVB IPTV and Digital Headend’s
  • Professional quality, breakthrough price

BMS series cascadable Headend Multiswitch with redundant dual power supply, in 19″ rack mountable enclosure.


BLANKOM BRS-0512C is a high-performance 1x SatPosition Gateway device for digital TV broadcasting headend systems with a high end performance.

Designed for the modern 19’’ rack mounting installations. This professional Multiswitch can be cascaded and is useful to grow with your demands. If more Receiver outputs are needed – simply add a second device in your 19’’ Rack. (Up to 8 cascading devices in one chain are possible)

The LNB power can be set to ON or OFF to be almost flexible for the combination  with non-powered devices like fibre optic LNB or similar optical transmitter – receiver couples like the BLANKOM BFT-44 (4x fibre transmitter) to BFR-44 /4x (Fibre receiver).

LED’s are showing the actual status as well as Gain adjustments for the 4 SATlevels are securing a flexible installation even with multiple LNB supporting.


Multiswitch optimized for use in DVB and IPTV headends.

Can feed headend equipment with SAT-IF signals of different satellites or can directly feed satellite receivers of housholds with IF+RF signals combined.

Application Example:

IPTV Headend with BLANKOM Multiswitches

Capacity: 2048 TV channels from 64 Transponders in 4 Satellites and from local DVB-T/T2 antenna

Equipment list:

  • 2 pcs BLANKOM BMS-1732 Headend Multiswitch
  • 4 pcs BLANKOM IGS-900 DVB/IP Gateway

Technical Specifications

Typ BMS-0916 BMS-0932/-1732
Inputs 9 IN: 2x 4x SAT, 1x TER 9/ 17 IN: 4x 4x SAT, 1x TER
User Outputs 16 32
Impedance Inputs – and Outputs 75 Ohm F-Female
Frequency Range SAT 950 … 2400 MHz
Frequency Range TER 40… 862 MHz
Trunk outputs 9  (2x 4x SAT + 1x TER) 9/17 (2/4x 4x SAT + 1x TER)
Insertion Loss SAT 0… +2 dB ±2 dB -2… 0 dB ±2 dB / -5… -2 dB ±2 dB
Insertion Loss TER -2 dB ±2dB -2 dB ±2dB / -3 dB ±3dB
Through loss SAT -1 dB ±1dB -2… -4 dB ±2dB /-2…-5 dB ±2dB
Through loss TER -2 dB ±2dB -2 dB ±4dB / -4 dB ±2dB
Isolation TER/SAT 30 dB typ.
Max. output level SAT (IMD3 35dB) acc. EN 50083-3 105 dBµV
Max. output level TER (IMD3 60dB) 88 dBµV 90 dBµV
Isolation H/V 30 dB typ.
Input return loss SAT > 10 dB
Input return loss TER > 10 dB
LNB supply on all LNB inputs through 2x int. PSU 15V DC 3,3A
or by remote through trunk lines
Max. LNB supply current 800mA 1600 mA
Output return loss SAT > 10 dB
Output return loss TER > 10 dB
Current consumption (from Receivers) 35mA 35mA / 68 mA
Current consumption multiswitch 280…305mA
Internal PSU  2x redundant 90… 230 VAC to 15 VDC 3,3 A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 482 x 310 x 90 mm (2 RU)
Switch commands 13/18 V, 0/22 kHz, DiSEqC 1.0
Gewicht/ Weight ca. 3200g ca. 3250g / 3500g
Operating temperature range -20… 50 °C
AC Connector Types 2x IEC (power) connector

Values for the optional Terrestrial-passive versions vary obviously.
Subject to change without notice! Class A might be valid only for SAT IF for some product types > 9 Inputs.
Improvements of measured values might happen during product lifecycle and might not be up-to-date in this datasheet. All Multiswitch up to 9 IN and 16 OUT are full CLASS A compliant. All models are SAT-IF Class A.