DVB-C Headend with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input


blankom dvb iptv headend

DVB-C (QAM) Headend with DVB-S/S2 & IPTV Input, with Multiplexer

⟩⟩⟩ 5. Generation BLANKOM® DVB-C Headend Technology. Satellite and IPTV input, DVB-C output, with Multiplexer.
The content of the individual DVB-C packages can be freely configured from all available input channels. The device can be operated from anywhere on LAN, WAN or Internet.

  • 16 Channel DVB-C (QAM) Headend System
  • 16 DVB-S/S2 tuner inputs for 16 FTA satellite transponders
  • 512 IPTV inputs (UDP, RTP)
  • 2 ASI inputs
  • 16 groups multiplexing + 16 groups scrambling
  • 16 groups QAM modulating
  • Excellent RF output performance index, MER ≥ 40 dB
  • Accurate PCR adjusting
  • PSI/SI editing and inserting
  • Web management, Updates via web
  • DiSEqC 1.0 LNB control for up to 4 satellites
  • Dual power supply (optional)

BLANKOM HDC-7016 is a next generation cable-tv headend system, in one unit.

Satellite and IPTV channels can be combined in 16 different DVB-C groups and distributed over coaxial cable to large networks.


BLANKOM HDC-7016 is a high performance and cost-effective QAM modulator.

It has 16 DVB-S/S2 FTA tuner inputs, 16 groups multiplexing, 16 groups scrambling, 16 groups QAM modulating  and supports maximum 512 IPTV inputs through GE port and 16 adjacent carriers (50MHz~960MHz) combined output through the RF output interface.

BLANKOM HDC-7016 is also characterized with high integrated level, high performance and low cost. It supports dual power supply (optional). This is very adaptable to new generation CATV headend systems.


All in one headend unit for SMATV systems in residential blocks, hotels, offices etc.

Technical Specifications


16 channel DVB-C Headend with Satellite, IPTV input


  • 16 DVB-S/S2 FTA Tuner
  • 512 IPTV channels over UDP and RTP protocol
  • 2 ASI


  • 16 DVB-C groups which can be multiplexed from any combination of input channels

Tuner section:

  • 16 DVB-S/S2 tuners with input frequency range:  950-2150 MHz
  • Symbol rate:  2-45 MSps (supports SCPC and MCPC)
  • Signal strength: -65~-25dBm
  • Supports QPSK, 8PSK; supports DiSEqC 1.0 LNB control for up to 4 satellites


  • 16 multiplexers, Maximum PID remapping:  128per input channel
  • PID remapping (automatically or manually),  Accurate PCR adjusting,  Generate PSI/SI table automatically


  • Max simulscrypt CA: 4
  • Scramble Standard:  ETR289, ETSI 101 197, ETSI 103 197
    Local/remote connection


  • 16 DVB-C  (QAM) channels,  Standard EN300 429/ITU-T J.83A/B
  • RF frequency 50~960 MHz, 1 kHz step
  • RF output level 77~97 dBµV, 0.1 dB step
  • Constellation 16/32/64/128/256QAM
  • MPTS / SPTS over UDP,  10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface (UDP unicast / multicast)


  • Control: Remote management Web NMS(10M/100M)


  • Dimensions: 482mm×300mm×44.5mm, 19” 1U, 3.7 kg
  • Power: AC 110V±10%,50/60Hz or AC 220V±10%, 50/60Hz, 25 W, dual power supply optional
  • Temperature: 0~45℃ (operation), -20~80℃ (storage)