IPTV Streamer & Encoder with HDMI Input :: BLANKOM & IRENIS HDE-264

IPTV Streamer & Encoder with HDMI Input IRENIS HDE-264, BLANKOM HDE-264 Ask for further info or quotation ⟩⟩⟩ Our best selling encoder. Up to 1080p@60fps HD resolution. Very stable operation on multicast distribution on local area networks. Suitable for video-over-ip application through internet. Dual IP output streams at the same time with different resolutions, e.g. one for internet, one for LAN. All IRENIS & BLANKOM encoders offer perfect image quality and stable system operation at an affordable price. […]

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Video-over-Internet for TV

Video over Internet for TV Live video transmission over LAN, WAN, Internet to a TV set ⟩⟩⟩ Transmitting live video over adsl/fiber internet connection to any location in the world. Reception over TV set. Using IRENIS encoder and IRENIS IPTV Set-Top Box you can transport any HDMI or SDI or CVBS (Audio/Video) signal in real time over internet in HD quality. […]

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